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Why longbows are still popular?



Among the various types of bows known to mankind, a longbow has always been the most common and most loved bow of all. Longbow is a simple, long stick that has been tied at both ends with a string. Such bows can be made out of different woods from yew, elm, common ash etc depending on your choice.

From the late Neolithic period to the Vikings, longbows have always been the weapon of choice. Not only were these bows used by our predecessors for hunting, longbows are still quite popular.


Advantages of the Longbow

  1. A longbow can deliver around 6 arrows in a minute.
  2. The range of a longbow is 300 to 400 yards.
  3. They are quite easy to make.
  4. They do not require a lot of practice.


Reasons behind its popularity

Over the years, longbow has started gaining much popularity in the bow market. This is a major improvement in comparison to the slow years in this genre. While there can be many reasons behind this, in my opinion, the main reasons are mentioned below.

  1. Longbow is the purest form of archery out there. There is some special kind of attraction in a longbow when compared to a rifle in terms of hunting. You feel a sudden rush when you are able to kill your prey with the help of the arrow that slipped right through your fingers.
  2. Many movies like The Hunger Games can also be credited to the rise in the demand of longbow. The way Jennifer Lawrence controls the longbow, it can make anyone want to grab one and start shooting arrows.
  3. Longbows are harder to use in comparison to rifles. Guns have made the game of hunting much easier, resulting in the loss of excitement. The people who want to bring back the excitement now prefer to use a longbow. The harder it is to catch the prey, the more exciting the hunt is.
  4. The modern longbows available in the market come packed with a lot of exciting features. You don’t have to rely on your strength and focus on catching something. Features like stabilizers, shock absorbers, arrow rests etc have made longbows a much easier option for hunting and shooting.

The simplest explanation behind the popularity of longbows is that these bows are a sort of challenge for us and us humans have always been big fans of challenges. Have you tried a longbow yet?


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