17 Oct

Essential Gear for Bow Hunting

Bow hunting must be on top of the list when it comes to cool gear, but if there is one thing I regret is that I cannot really spend all the money I have on such things. No matter how cool a piece of gear is, I need to show restraint, or, otherwise, my wallet will be empty and suffering in no time. In due time I learned that you do not really need everything hunting and fishing stores have in stock, but rather a few essentials that I am going to list right away.


Good camouflage

1The last you want when you are hunting is for prey to get hold of you just because you are simply too visible. Good camouflage is important, so at least your jacket must cover most of your body and it has to be painted in the colors needed for hiding you in the type of environment you use as hunting grounds. Some people even choose to buy plain thermal jackets and paint them themselves, but I don’t think I am much of a painter myself, so I just go with the camo jackets stores have on stock for sale.


A high quality tree stand

2A lot of time will be spent waiting for your prey to make an appearance, so you need a high quality tree stand. There are quite a few things to consider here, starting with the overall comfort of the stand, and ending with how noisy it is. If you plan on changing locations, nothing can act more as a deterrent to wild animals than strange screeching noises their superior hearing can catch. So my advice is to never skimp on a good tree stand, because it will surely hurt your hunting results.




A reliable backpack

3Since you may be packing quite a lot of gear when you go bow hunting, it is highly recommended to get a reliable backpack. First things first, it must be able to accommodate your bow somehow, preferably hooked on the outside, since any other arrangement will be a constant cause for discomfort. Then, you should consider good compartmentalization, since smaller gear like a grunt caller, knife, a rangefinder and the like, must be easy to access, to avoid rummaging for every little piece while you are supposed to keep focused on hunting.


Obviously, there are many other bow hunting essentials that are not listed here, but I hope to have given you a good starting point, so you can quickly embark on some awesome hunting adventures.

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