12 Nov

Things you need to know about bowfishing


If you like bowhunting, but you have no clue what to do off-season, bowfishing is the thing you need. This self-explanatory method consists in fishing with a bow or crossbow. There’s also spearfishing, but that sounds more of an Amazonian trip thing, to me.

Unlike what we have in mind when we say ‘fishing’, bowfishing isn’t about sitting and waiting on the shore or on a boat, you have to stalk and shoot the prey.

You can use your equipment for bowfishing (whether it’s a compound bow, traditional bow or crossbow) to satisfy your hunting skills. But if your wallet is overflowing, you can use some 200 to 400 to get a bowfishing bow. They’re usually compound bows that feature deeper cam grooves and prevent string derailment and allow either snap-shoots or a let-off/no let-off draw.

Either way, you’ll have to get some additions, specially designed for this purpose and you can start by picking a reel.

There’s the simple drum-like device, which unravels the string and lets you wrap it back again. Then there’s the spincast reel, similar to the ones used in regular fishing, the retriever, a really popular reel with a sort of attached bottle, the hybrid and the Aqua Reel, which is a rather new type of spinning reel.

You’ll also need some bowfishing line, of which there are basically two different types. They’re both synthetic but have slightly different prices because of their features.

You don’t normally shoot fish with the same kind of arrows that go for the big game. The ones used for bowfishing are stiffer and heavier than the ones used for target practice or hunting.

They have a shaft or a stopper so that you can attach the bowfishing line and you can choose between carp point and gar point, a difference that stems from the penetration force they provide.

Then there are fiberglass arrows, carbon arrows, carbon-spined, with a fiberglass shaft, and aluminum arrows. Get acquainted with the details of their features, because it’s useful to know how their behavior differs.

To start your bowfishing, you can choose a shallow river or shore, but you’ll soon realize you need a boat. Flat bottom boats for low waters, aluminum or steel raised platforms for shooting, generators for fishing at night and fan propulsion are some of the most typical features you’ll be dealing with.

Taking up bowfishing isn’t be easy because it takes a lot of practice. Water reflection will play jokes on you, so you’ll have to get used to aiming low, as the fish is about 4 inches or more below the point it appears to be. Trash fishing (targeting old cans and bottles under the water) is a good practice, and it cleans the water.

A pair of sunglasses is useful for daylight fishing and so is a fishing license for most areas of the country.

17 Oct

Essential Gear for Bow Hunting

Bow hunting must be on top of the list when it comes to cool gear, but if there is one thing I regret is that I cannot really spend all the money I have on such things. No matter how cool a piece of gear is, I need to show restraint, or, otherwise, my wallet will be empty and suffering in no time. In due time I learned that you do not really need everything hunting and fishing stores have in stock, but rather a few essentials that I am going to list right away.


Good camouflage

1The last you want when you are hunting is for prey to get hold of you just because you are simply too visible. Good camouflage is important, so at least your jacket must cover most of your body and it has to be painted in the colors needed for hiding you in the type of environment you use as hunting grounds. Some people even choose to buy plain thermal jackets and paint them themselves, but I don’t think I am much of a painter myself, so I just go with the camo jackets stores have on stock for sale.


A high quality tree stand

2A lot of time will be spent waiting for your prey to make an appearance, so you need a high quality tree stand. There are quite a few things to consider here, starting with the overall comfort of the stand, and ending with how noisy it is. If you plan on changing locations, nothing can act more as a deterrent to wild animals than strange screeching noises their superior hearing can catch. So my advice is to never skimp on a good tree stand, because it will surely hurt your hunting results.




A reliable backpack

3Since you may be packing quite a lot of gear when you go bow hunting, it is highly recommended to get a reliable backpack. First things first, it must be able to accommodate your bow somehow, preferably hooked on the outside, since any other arrangement will be a constant cause for discomfort. Then, you should consider good compartmentalization, since smaller gear like a grunt caller, knife, a rangefinder and the like, must be easy to access, to avoid rummaging for every little piece while you are supposed to keep focused on hunting.


Obviously, there are many other bow hunting essentials that are not listed here, but I hope to have given you a good starting point, so you can quickly embark on some awesome hunting adventures.

18 Sep

My Basic Tips for Choosing a Hunting Bow

Hunting can be a thrilling experience and there is no wonder that even in today’s fast pacing world, many people still prefer taking time off from their modern lives and embarking on a trip to the great outdoors. If you are just taking up hunting and you are curious about how to pick a good reliable hunting bow, I am here to help you. Some of the tips I will list below right away I learned from other, more seasoned hunters, while the rest I learned on my own, from experience. I hope my little list will help you pick the right bow for your first hunting trip.

101122 Roswell - Avid bow hunter, Bob Coombs in stealth mode about 25-feet above ground on the deer stand in the wooded area of Martins Landing subdivision. Coombs said he started this sport seriously about six years ago and has won several awards since. He said deer hunting is safe and residence have nothing to fear. People in the Martins Landing subdivision in Roswell are upset because Bob Coombs is bow hunting for dear in a 20-acre wooded section their backyard back up to Monday, November 22, 2010. Vino Wong vwong@ajc.com

Right handed or left handed?

I guess you have already hurried to give an answer to this one, but I am here to tell you: “not so fast”. Why? Because it is not actually the hand you use most that should dictate what kind of bow you should get, but your dominant eye. What is that? It is basically the eye that gives you a clearer image of what you see before your eyes. You may well know that hunters are counting on their eyesight quite a lot, and that is why you should take your dominant eye into consideration.

Here is a short exercise to try. Form a triangle with your hands in front of your eyes, and stare at an object that you can easily frame with the triangle formed earlier. Look through the triangle with both eyes, then close one eye than the other. The eye that gives you the “truer” image is your dominant eye.



What kind of bow is best for hunting?

There are all kinds of bows available for hunting and you should know what kind is best. From my experience, a compound bow is the best choice because it is the kind that delivers the highest speed while it is easier to manipulate. Especially if you are not the large kind of guy, you surely want a bow that you can handle, without any prior experience.

Others also agree that compound bows are the best choice. See this article for more details.



Picking the draw length

There are all kinds of specs you will notice written in the description of various hunting bows, but I suggest concentrating on draw length above all. Draw length means how much you can draw the bow, so you can launch the arrow at the highest speed possible. I will keep things simple this time and tell you this: the best hunting arrow for you is the one that you can reach maximum draw length with by using your own arms.

Learn how to measure your draw length with this guide. I also suggest you should read some hunting bow reviews before purchasing one.

11 Sep

Why longbows are still popular?



Among the various types of bows known to mankind, a longbow has always been the most common and most loved bow of all. Longbow is a simple, long stick that has been tied at both ends with a string. Such bows can be made out of different woods from yew, elm, common ash etc depending on your choice.

From the late Neolithic period to the Vikings, longbows have always been the weapon of choice. Not only were these bows used by our predecessors for hunting, longbows are still quite popular.


Advantages of the Longbow

  1. A longbow can deliver around 6 arrows in a minute.
  2. The range of a longbow is 300 to 400 yards.
  3. They are quite easy to make.
  4. They do not require a lot of practice.


Reasons behind its popularity

Over the years, longbow has started gaining much popularity in the bow market. This is a major improvement in comparison to the slow years in this genre. While there can be many reasons behind this, in my opinion, the main reasons are mentioned below.

  1. Longbow is the purest form of archery out there. There is some special kind of attraction in a longbow when compared to a rifle in terms of hunting. You feel a sudden rush when you are able to kill your prey with the help of the arrow that slipped right through your fingers.
  2. Many movies like The Hunger Games can also be credited to the rise in the demand of longbow. The way Jennifer Lawrence controls the longbow, it can make anyone want to grab one and start shooting arrows.
  3. Longbows are harder to use in comparison to rifles. Guns have made the game of hunting much easier, resulting in the loss of excitement. The people who want to bring back the excitement now prefer to use a longbow. The harder it is to catch the prey, the more exciting the hunt is.
  4. The modern longbows available in the market come packed with a lot of exciting features. You don’t have to rely on your strength and focus on catching something. Features like stabilizers, shock absorbers, arrow rests etc have made longbows a much easier option for hunting and shooting.

The simplest explanation behind the popularity of longbows is that these bows are a sort of challenge for us and us humans have always been big fans of challenges. Have you tried a longbow yet?