3 ideas for decorating your garden

Whether it’s a small balcony out on the fifth floor of your apartment, or a suburban house with a front and back yard, greenery and gardens brighten up one’s living quarters. Having a small patch of lawn and few flowering plants still requires work and tending to, to make your garden, the neighbors’ envy. A nicely manicured yard or space can be achieved with a few great ideas and a creative mind!

#1. Upcycling

In simple terms, upcycling means providing a high-quality look, to recycled and old items. The simplest form of upcycling could be to provide a fresh coat of paint to the garden fence. This could also be a fun project to involve your children in, as well. A sunny yellow during spring time, or natural wooded stains and mahogany hues for winters could be a good face-lift for the old discolored fence.

Other objects that could be upcycled could be old metal folding chairs, wooden packing pallets that are lying in your garage, large plastic storage barrels etc. These projects are fun little DIYs for planters, seating, coffee tables and garden décor. Reusing old items is a great way to practice sustainable living, and is easier on your pockets.


#2. Themes and seasons

If you’d like your garden to resonate with the tone and décor of your interiors, you could pick out a theme for your design. For example, if your house has more of a vintage appeal, with plenty of wooden cabinets, marble figurines, ornate mantles, your garden could echo that theme by incorporating wooden birdhouses, marble stand-alone birdbaths, a stone cherub and so on. On the other hand, if your house is more contemporary with minimalist architecture and oriental aesthetics, you could opt for cane or bamboo lawn furniture, bonsai plants and perhaps even a little koi pond!

Another “theme” idea to decorate your garden would be per the season. Bringing out your red poufs and foot-stools, pink planters, macramé hanging pot holders for Valentine’s day, or hanging up wreaths, faux snowmen, holly and snowflakes for Christmas time, are but a few ideas to build on.


#3. Smaller spaces

For apartment style living, garden décor needs to be uncluttered and free-flowing. It should allow you to express yourself whilst letting people walk without bumping into things. Most balconies have an issue with grass and lawn as grass needs plenty of water and sunlight to grow. Astro turf grass is affordable and easily available at most hardware or garden and patio wear shops. It adds a touch of green to your balcony space and is quite pleasing to the touch on bare feet.

Picking out foldable, light weight furniture, as opposed to bulky and heavy garden sets is smart idea for small areas. Good quality plastic patio furniture in interesting prints, patterns, and designs to add just the right accent to your small but artistic garden.